If you currently conduct business abroad or are considering it, Vasallo Law’s attorneys have extensive international experience which can be utilized to advise you. Having engaged in all aspects of international business transactions, business combinations, financing, governmental affairs, and regulatory law we are well versed and ready to assist you with your international law needs.

The International Practice Group at Vasallo Law has decades of global experience in commercial transaction, corporate formation, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures strategic alliances, foreign distribution, reseller, and agent representation agreements. We counsel our clients on the requirements of the U. S. Arms Exports Control Act, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, antitrust law, anti-kickback statutes, and intellectual property protection. We also advise clients on corporate ownership and structure, enforceability of contracts, foreign labor and employment law, applicable treaties, international tax issues, and political risk. With regard to establishing a foreign presence, we can assist in forming a local branch office or a direct or indirect subsidiary, establishing a formal joint venture or a strategic alliance with a local partner, acquiring an existing business entity, or establishing an offshore holding company. Our attorneys can also advise companies on structuring and financing foreign investments, the impact of international tax treaties and incentives, the effects of the Buy America Act, NAFTA, and similar statutes affecting cross-border sales or goods and services, and cross-border movement of funds.

Our International Practice Group focuses on the following areas of emphasis:

Business Entities

  • Formation and entity structure for the foreign entity
  • Tax analysis for determining jurisdictional tax implications and tax mitigation strategies
  • Preparation of shareholder/partnership agreements and operating agreements
  • Capital structure and equity/debt acquisition